Erin Kaneko and Travis Young Wedding


    Our wedding took place on May 2, 2009 at the St. Regis Resort and Spa in Dana Point, CA.  The day was filled with tearful declarations, loving moments, and heartfelt laughs.  It truly was the happiest day of our lives and I would do anything to go back and do it all over again and again and again!  I still can't believe it went by so quickly!  We thank our parents, family, and friends for their love and support.  We will treasure the memory of our wedding always and know in our hearts that the day we became husband and wife was the perfect beginning to the rest of our lives.

    To those of you who attended our wedding: thank you very much for being a part of our special day!  We love and appreciate all the support and guidance you have given us!  To those of you who were unable to attend our wedding: we are so happy to share our photos with you and wish you could have been there to celebrate with us!  Enjoy!

Photo courtesy of VCS Photography