Kaneko/Young Family Crest

Erin Kaneko looking stunning before the ceremony

    ~The left side of the family crest represents Erin: the element found in the top left section is the Kaneko kamon (KA meaning “Family tree” and MON meaning “crest or emblem”).  The Kaneko kamon is an emblem of a flowering quince or C. Japonica and the cross section of a mokkou.  The lower left element is the arms section from the Walsh Family Coat of Arms (Erin's mother's maiden name).  This portion of the Walsh Coat of Arms depicts an argent with a chevron in gules between three pheons; the chevron embodies the roof of a house signifying protection and faithful service and the pheons indicate warrior and strength.

The Kaneko/Young family crest
Travis Young looking suave before the ceremony

This crest represents the unity and equality of the future we shall share as husband and wife.

It symbolizes the joining of family, tradition, and cultural aesthetics.

    ~The right side of the crest represents TJ: the upper right element is a stylized illustration of the symbol for water in a circular shape representing unity, wholeness, and infinity.  The lower right crest element is the emblem representing the Young family. The white undulating scroll represents the revelation of life and time; both ends are still wound indicating a life that is unfolding like a scroll of uncertain length.  The scroll is white in color, which identifies the truth revealed and the sincerity of the written word.  The crossed flags in sable embody perseverance. Last, the equine bridle signifies constancy in devotion.