Wedding Reception

Having a great time at Erin and TJ's wedding
TJ dipping Erin during their first dance
Toasting Erin and TJ
TJs parents Gail and Allen Young

   The reception was everything we had ever hoped for!  After all the planning meetings, conference calls, emails, and discussions that we had had with our wedding coordinator and event designer over the past two years, once we stepped into the ballroom we immediately saw how everything came together.  The room was stunning - lined with white drapes, filled with black round tables decorated with gorgeous centerpieces filled with beautiful red and white flowers and white ostrich plume feathers, with stage tiers surrounding a black and white dance floor with a 22-piece band playing jazz classics all night and classic rock favorites to finish the party off! 

   The night was buzzing with high energy as family and friends gave their toasts and nearly every guest was dancing the night away!  At one point I saw my dad on the dance floor doing the alligator! (For those of you who don’t know what that is:  the alligator is when you lie down and the dance floor and flop around on your back!)  The dance floor was packed, the drinks were flowing and once midnight struck and the party was officially “over”, but our guests started to chant “ENCORE” and we got one more great song out of the band!

Highlights of the night include: Erin’s father, Sam, gave a hilarious and yet touching speech about the how we met and, of course,“wedding diet”!   the three tenors interim, Gavin Coyle’s encore, the Same Day Edit video, and me crowd surfing during the song “Bohemian Rhapsody”!

Erin's father Sam laughing during his speech
Erin and TJ at the wedding cake cutting
Erin's mother and brother dancing at the wedding reception
Groomsmen judging Erin and TJ's first dance
Goofing around on the dance floor
Emily and Ian dancing at the wedding reception
Great friends enjoying themselves
Erin and TJ cutting the wedding cake

Photos courtesy of VCS Photography

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